DISH,DIS | The Real Reason Fox News Needs Trump to Win

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Fox News needs Donald Trump to win — but not for the reason you think.A press release landed in media reporters’ inboxes last week: “Fox News Channel Earns Highest-Rated Primetime Monthly Average in the History of Cable Led by Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Carlson, Fox’s biggest moneymaker, drew more than 5 million viewers […]

DISH,DIS | THE SPORTS STREAMING ECOSYSTEM: How sports are going over-the-top and eroding the last bastion of pay-TV

Summary List Placement This is a preview of the Business Insider Intelligence Sports Streaming Ecosystem premium research report.Purchase this report here.Interested in getting more content like this from us? Check if your company already has BII Enterprise membership access.Live sports content is one of the strongest and last-remaining drivers of value for traditional pay-TV — […]